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Workshop on Dreams & their Symbology - March 05, 2023

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Welcome to my 2-hour workshop on Sunday, March 05, from 2.00 until 4.00 p.m. Central European Time (10.00 - 12.00 a.m. Brasilia time) via Zoom

We all dream. Every night, several times. We fly, we fall, we love. We see familiar and unfamiliar people, places, animals and objects. But who really understands their dreams?

Together with my colleague, Juliana Gimenes de Freitas from Brazil, we will offer an open group in English & Portuguese for everyone to attend who would like to ask questions about their dreams or a specific dream symbol.

Thanks to my 3-year training in dream work according to Ortrud Grön (TAOG), with Germany's most famous dream researcher (1925 - 2020), the world of dreams is part of my life. Here is Ortrud Grön in conversation with Swiss television:

Over time, I wanted to penetrate deeper into the dream world, into the many unconscious levels and layers that cannot be reached with knowledge and language. That is why I combined the dream work with a depth-based method from the psychotrauma theory. Since then I have been conducting deeper and deeper research into the meaning of dreams and how they can help us out of emotionally challenging situations in everyday life and encounter ourselves.

I have summarized the results of my current findings in the book "The Healing Power of Dreams - And Miracle of Self-Encounter". Dreams are our inner voice, our most intimate companion - throughout our lives. In their very own wonderfully creative imagery and symbolic language, they guide us smilingly, confirmingly, lovingly, but also admonishingly and warningly.

Today, I am able to accompany people on all levels, to open up space and hold feelings. In this way, deep injuries, prenatal experiences, inner blockages and transgenerational entanglements can reveal themselves and finally heal.

Join our workshop and bring dream elements out of your dream! I will help you to understand what your unconscious mind wants to tell you. Or book your own dream counseling session directly with me.

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