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First of all: I am not perfect, but authentic. I don't provide therapy, but support. I always work on an individual basis.


My name is Natalie Walther and I was born in July 1970 in Traunstein (Germany), with parents from Greece and Croatia, and grew up in Traunreut. A-levels, apprenticeship, au-pair in Spain, diploma in business administration - those were the first years. Then I worked for over 20 years for large American and Japanese companies, primarily as a Product Manager & Product Marketing in the PC client sector. I worked on myself for almost as long, primarily to resolve my family blockages. My two children were my greatest motivation, so that they would not have to carry what I was burdened with. I have been constantly changing for over 50 years: I have been employed, self-employed and unemployed, married and divorced, worked in IT and in the trauma sector and much more. Lifelong learning has become my compass on the path to myself and to understanding what makes people tick.

"Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
To control others is strength,
to control oneself is true power."

Tao Te Chin


I am happy to accompany you with my wealth of experience, which I have gathered in over 20 years through my own work on myself, but also through participation in countless groups, both nationally and internationally. I know from experience that only the truth heals. From the very beginning I was able to feel very deeply. I see inner images, the meaning of which I can also communicate verbally and physically. Since I have been accompanying other people, even deeper and wider fields have opened up.

All questions of life
Decision-making issues
Friendships & relationships
Family, children & generational topics
Trauma (individual & transgenerational)
Physical issues & symptoms
Conception, pregnancy & birth


Psychological issues*
Career, work & institutions

Money, inheritance & finances
Dreams & sleep problems

Curses & past lives

* Restriction: I reserve the right to chose the right who I work with


Psyche & body:

  • Health counsellor according to and with Rüdiger Dahlke (until 2025)

  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

  • Quantum Healing

  • Shiatsu I and II

  • Dream work according to and with Ortrud Grön (TAOG)

  • Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT) according to and with Prof. Dr Franz Ruppert

  • Painting game and formulation according to and with Arno Stern

Children, teenagers and families:

  • I am a mother of two grown-up children

  • Learning Assistant at a primary school

  • Tutoring

  • School Accompanyment at a secondary school

  • Family Council Coordinator (in cooperation with the youth welfare office)

My Books

Kindern eine Stimme geben


Paperback and eBook

Preis wird noch angekündigt

ISBN: wird noch angekündigt

Wie geht es Kindern heute? Von der Zeugung bis sie 18 Jahre alt werden? Wie fühlt man sich im Bauch der Mutter oder bei der Geburt? Wie, wenn man künstlich erzeugt wurde? Warum werden Kinder depressiv oder magersüchtig? Warum haben Kinder Albträume? Welchen Einfluss haben Soziale Medien und Künstliche Intelligenz? Fast zwei Jahre lang habe ich die unterschiedlichsten Themen gesammelt und hinter die Fassaden geblickt... Und was ich gefunden habe war wundervoll und schrecklich zugleich.

The Healing Power of Dreams

April 2023

Paperback and eBook

(15 euros and 10 euros)

ISBN: 978-3-734701153

The Little Compendium of Dreams - For anyone who wants to learn more about the origin of dreams. Includes dream symbols (like people, nature, animals, objects) and recurring dreams or nightmares. The book also includes an overview for beginners who want to delve into their own dreams.

Über die Heilkräfte der Träume

Nov 2021

Paperback and eBook

(15 euros and 12 euros)

ISBN: 978-3-7543-7466-5

Das kleine Kompendium der Träume - Für alle, die mehr über den Ursprung der Träume erfahren möchten. Inklusive Traumsymbole (wie Personen, Natur, Tiere, Objekte) und wiederkehrende Träume oder Albträume. Das Buch enthält auch eine Übersicht für Einsteiger, die sich mit ihren eigenen Träumen beschäftigen wollen.

Auch als Hörbuch erhältlich bei Spotify und Audible.

Nicht Ohne Mein Ich

Sept 2019
Paperback and eBook
(20 euros and 16 euros)

ISBN: 978-3-7460-9548-6

Nicht ohne mein Ich.png

Anhand meiner Tagebuchaufzeichnungen von 2012 - 2018 zeige ich, wie ich meinen tiefsten Verletzungen und Traumata Stück für Stück auf die Spur gekommen bin und sie mit Geduld und Mut heilen konnte. Wie jede Veränderung der Methode, die sich heute Anliegenmethode nennt, mich weiter und tiefer begleiten konnte, bis in die Zeit des Mutterbauches.

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