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The basis of my work
includes a great deal of knowledge and constant learning.
But above all my decades of practical experience: nationally and internationally
From unemployment, being employed to self-employment
Deep life changes
mother of two children

My greatest treasure is my own self-experiences & self-encounters,
which started over 22 years ago and is still part of my life

Prompted by the birth of my first child, my son, I decided that I had to change if I didn't want to repeat my parents story.
It was a roller coaster ride. I have gone through the deepest depths of my life story of not wanted, not loved, not protected.
And beyond that: to foreign energies, curses, transgenerational traumata, excerpts from earlier lives and brief glimpses
into the future. Every fear I've overcome, every hurdle I've overcome, has brought me closer and closer to myself.
Until I was finally able to embrace myself in full love in 2018. The search has changed since then
in a way. A path that I continue to walk with courage, but with much more confidence, clarity and, yes,
now also with pride. Because I know happiness, to meet yourself, to be authentic,
giving me a voice and getting answers to life's deep questions.
And can therefore answer the questions for me today: Who am I? What do I want?
  • Since 2019: Family council coordination for children, young people and families (as a freelancer)

  • 2021 / 2022: School support

  • 2020 / 2021: Tutoring (middle school)

  • Since 2018: self-employment

  • 2014: Learning assistant at a primary school, 3rd and 4th grade (voluntary work)

  • Until 2018: 20 years in the IT industry (PC client hardware area), primarily in product management and product marketing on an international level (Global & EMEA) for large American & Japanese companies

  • Since 2022: Supervision groups in
    German and English

  • Participation in conferences and congresses:
    - 2018 / 2016: International Congresses by Franz Ruppert
    - 2020: 19th Intern. Bonding Conference by Karlz Heinz Brisch

  • Since 2019: List of recommendations by Franz Ruppert

  • 2015 - 2016: Advanced training in "Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory" (IoPT) and the concern method by and with Professor Dr. Ruppert and Evelyn Hähnel - in Bilbao, Spain

  • Since 1997: My own journey to myself

  • 2017: Advanced seminar
  • 2016 - 2018: 3-year training for "Dream work according to Ortrud Grön"
    (TAOG) - Certificate Z1 -
    at the
    Bavarian Academy for Health (Osterseen) under the
    Management by Gisela Heidenreich, Angela Liebich-Wiecken and Ortrud Grön

  • Nov 2018: First European EAS Congress "Earth, Man & Space".
    Mont Sainte Odile (Alsace, France)

  • Oct 2018: 4th International Congress
    "My Trauma, My Body, My Me"
    by professor dr. Franz Ruppert
    in Munich (Germany)

  • Graduate in business administration (FH) with a focus on marketing

  • Europe Secretary
    (English, French, Spanish &

    office management)

  • Baccalaureate (French, Art)


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"Not Without My I - Of Trauma and Healing" Sept 2019
(Paperback and eBook, ISBN: 978-3-7460-9548-6)

Based on my diary entries from 2012 -2018 I show a possible path from trauma to healing. The focus is on my personal experiences and insights from my work with the Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT) & Intention Method (and previous approaches). German only.

"On the Healing Powers of Dreams" Nov 2021

(Paperback and eBook, ISBN: 978-3-7543-7466-5)

The small compendium of dreams - For everyone who would like to learn more about the origin of dreams, dream symbols (such as people, nature, animals, objects), recurring dreams or nightmares and, above all, to deal more closely with their own dreams, their inner voice want. English translation will be available Winter 2022.