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Seminars & more

I offer several seminars & workshops throughout the year. Alone, but also with dear colleagues.
  • Apr 15 - Seminar: "Pregnancy & Birth". See flyer.
  • Dec 16 - Seminar: "Journey into your own body". More in the flyer. Group is limited to 9 participants. German only. Price: 120 & 30 euros. Registration is already possible.

Open group

Social topics
Via Zoom from 6 - approx. 8.15 p.m
(Central European Time)
- Only in German -

A look behind the scenes of social issues. Each participant will respond with one word (max. 6 words). The work will be recorded and deleted after transcription. Each participant is responsible for himself during and after the work.

  • Juni 30 (Friday): Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT
  • July 20 (Thursday): The natural birth & Desire to have children
  • Oct 12 (Thursday): War in the Ukraine
Children & IoPT
Via Zoom (starting again Nov/Dec)
From 5.00 to 8.30pm CET
(Central European Time)
- English only -

By participating you automatically
agree to the non-disclosure agreement communicated at the beginning of each session.

Previous dates: Dec 30, Jan 8, Jan 20, Feb 3, Feb 19, Mar 05, Mar 25, Apr 07, Apr 22, May 14, May 27, June 10
  • We will do a summer break and continue again in Nov/Dec
For my next book, I will release a collection of “self-encounters” as well as “generic-encounters” related to various topics children experience from the age of 0 - 18 years. Check out the latest flyer.
Anyone is welcome to participate for free. No registration required.
Every session, we will do 1 self-encounter and 1 generic encounter. Please reserve your seat for the self-encounter in advance. I would welcome a donation of 40 euros. Select one topic out of the flyer.

Individual appointments

Prien am Chiemsee

  • Up to 18 years: 40 euros / hour
  • From 19 years: 60 euros / hour
  • Quantum Healing (max. 30 minutes): 40 euros
  • Dreams: 60 euros / hour
Fürstenfeldbruck - on weekends (by appointment).
Online - during the week (by appointment).

Prien am Chiemsee: Jan 15, Feb 25, July 22, Sept 10

An appointment lasts between 75 minutes and 2.5 hours. At the first
Please schedule an appointment of 2 hours. Couples may need more time.
Dreams take about 1.5 hours. billing by time.
A Quantum Healing session lasts about 20 - 30 minutes. Fixed amount per session.


Prien am Chiemsee
In the Kulturraum
Ernsdorferstr. 2

(Only in german)
Own work: 100 euros
Participation: 10 euros
Previous dates: Jan 22, Feb 12, March 18th, April 15, May 13, June 25, Aug 26
Next dates:  Oct 28, Nov 15, Dez 16 (seminar)

From 9.15 a.m. to approx. 5.30 p.m. Drinks and food are provided. More in the flyer. Please bring socks and dress warmly in winter. Pre-registration required.
Men group Online

(only in German)
Own work: 90 euros
Participation: for free
Next dates: Oct 03

From 6.00 to approx. 8.30 pm. Online via Zoom. 1-2 self-encounters. Participants are always welcome.
Fürstenfeldbruck: In the naturopathic practice Kühne, Drachenweg 1a, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
Prien am Chiemsee: In the Kulturraum, Ernsdorferstr. 2, 83209 Prien am Chiemsee
Online: via Zoom
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