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Healing Through Dreams and Constellations

In my office, I do assist and support people in finding their way, the way to their true I – with the help of dreamwork and constellations. My work is primarily based on the "Identity oriented Psychotrauma Therapy and Theory" (IoPT) from Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and the method of dreamworks from Ortrud Grön.

There are injuries, psychological and physical, unconscious and conscious, that are deeply rooted in our very early childhood experiences, even up to procreation. There are emotions that we can’t find the route cause for. Sometimes life has been so cruel to us that we think that there is no way out. Sometimes we don’t even recall what has happened to us, how deep these violations have been in our childhood.

We constantly try to do something without knowing, what we really want, what we are really searching for or what makes us truly happy. Most of us react with patterns like: Trying to run away, distracting ourselves, clinging to relationships, alcohol, drugs, sports, food, money or our job.

If we though start focusing on ourselves, starting to look inwards, stop chasing “some thing”, then questions and whishes like these can rise to the surface:

  • I want to feel at last!

  • I would like to go for something new, maybe going for a total change – but I just don’t know how and where to start

  • I want to live in a healthy partnership

  • Why am I addicted?

  • Why am I constantly sick?

  • Why am I hit by a chronic disease or even life-threatening illness?

  • I want to live – and not just to survive

  • Why do I have these constant outbursts of fury?

  • Why can’t I just let go? Why do I still have the need to be in control?

  • Why am I haunted by fears?

  • Why am I faced constantly with these life-threatening situations?

  • My brain never stops thinking!

  • Why don’t my kids speak to me?

  • Why do I constantly have these images in my head?

  • I really don’t know any more what to do

If we go deep and feel what we really, truly want, the ultimate question reveals itself: “Who am I?”

Note that painful experiences up to traumas do not heal on their own. It takes courage to ask for help. It takes a strong will to look inwards, to stay still, to stop running, to listen to yourself and to treat yourself with compassion – and without judgment.

We can embark on a journey to our I. We can walk the way and realize on who we are. I did it. More than 17 years ago I started to work on myself with the help of constellations and about 3 years ago with the help of dreams. I didn’t know at that time how painful and difficult it would be. Layer by layer though I uncovered my early childhood traumas of not being wanted, not being loved, not being protected.

Therefore, I know: Healing is possible - even under the most excruciating premises.

We are living in wonderful times and never ever before were we surrounded by so many different possibilities and excellent offerings, on a local as well as world-wide basis, that help us in the enlightment of self-realization.

On my YouTube channel I would like to share my own life experiences with you, primarily in the context of constellations and dreams but I want to also introduce you to other methods as well as themes and especially life stories from people across the world.

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