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Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Two IoPT facilitators and 1 client in deep therapeutic conversations

June 2023 the three of us, Inge Schwank, Margrit Senn and I started a round of talks around the topic of therapy. The idea was born by Inge and less than 2 months later we finally implemented it.

In the course of many years of working on ourselves, sometimes even for decades, the three of us realized that there is no known format that talks about the depth of self-encounter, self-knowledge, consciousness work and trauma work. Without filters, without masks. From person to person. As a mother, as a client, as a seeker, as a companion, as a therapist.

Far too often therapists speak from their practice, but the view from the outside or from above remains. In observation, in feedback, or in reciting research that others are doing. But what does it look like inside myself? What hurdles have I gone through in my own work on myself? What did I recognize? Where have I been blind? What does it really feel like to face myself? When you face yourself and your parts suddenly tell you about their fears? Their stress? Their anger, their shame, their helplessness? And feel so alone, isolated, not seen, not loved, not wanted, not noticed? When they don't trust you or are afraid to touch you? Or when they tell you about the desires and needs that are deep inside you - but are so completely contrary to your current model of life?

And how does it feel to use this wealth of experience to accompany other people on their path? Especially when the Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT) in combination with the concern method - i.e. one formulates one's concern - helps in the processing of buried, forgotten and locked away traumas? What originally started as a trauma therapy has now evolved into a way of self-encounter. To uncover our true core, our being and our calling. According to the ancient principle of resonance, together we bring the inner truths to the surface.

So do you have questions you would like to address? Where you would like to have more clarity? Then we look forward to your comment on YouTube or here on the blog. Or write us an email.

Check out our first conversation (subtitles in English):

Inge Schwank, our facilitator from Germany, living in France. And familiar with IoPT for many years.

Margrit Senn, IoPT practitioner from near Basel, Switzerland. Language: German, French, English. Margrit also offers the IoPT formation. Webseite "Essenntial".

Natalie Walther, IoPT practitioner near Munich and Prien am Chiemsee, Germany. Language: German & English. Also works with dreams & sleep problems. 2 books: "Nicht Ohne Mein Ich" and "Healing Power of Dreams".. Webseite "Dreams and Soul".

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