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When the body cries for help

Interview with Professor Dr Franz Ruppert

People suffer physically from all kinds of things: From seemingly harmless birthmarks to neck pain, teeth grinding to migraines, but also addictions, skin diseases and chronic illnesses like diabetes and ulcerative colitis. What we do to our bodies, then it is incredible how the body can regulate itself again. But that has its limits.

"Psychotrauma that has not yet been healed lives on in the body and manifests itself through pain, inflammation or disease. In every bodily symptom, therefore, a piece of unprocessed life history can come to light." This is what it says on the blurb of Prof. Franz Ruppert's - founder of "Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy" (IoPT) - book "Mein Körper, mein Trauma, mein Ich", published in 2017.

Here are some examples:

  • Teeth grinding: there is often a whole trauma biography behind it. There is often a lot of anger and resentment behind it; especially towards the mother.

  • Migraine: "I must not not perceive what is". All trauma feelings are split off and one goes into the head.

  • Diabetes: Compensation strategy regarding loneliness, sadness - to give joy of life because otherwise one never feels it.

  • Drug addiction: The drug contains the urge to get the love that one did not get, especially from the mother (trauma of love).

  • Nightmares: have their causes in the earliest traumas (pregnancy, birth, first 3 years).

  • Cancer: The perpetrator-victim dynamic is clearly expressed here. The perpetrator identification is still very strong here, i.e. the perpetrator is still very strong in you.

  • White spot disease: Often shows early traumatisation during pregnancy, in the womb.

"That is why one is always well advised to ask oneself the question: Which conflict - between my injury, my trauma and my survival strategies - is expressed in each case in this symptom? "

Would you like to find out the cause of your physical symptoms? Then I invite you to formulate a concern like "I have cancer anxiety" or "What is the body trying to tell me?" "Why am I having panic attacks?" In an individual or group session you can then get in touch with your body and activate your self-healing powers.

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