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When we sleep at night, our inner self pushes itself back into our consciousness. Our desires and hopes, fears and blockages, which we cannot process during the day or which we push aside, overlook, neglect and want to control, knock on our door at night. Then, like in a movie, we see faces of familiar people, travel to unknown places and create the most incredible animal creatures.

Every dream carries an important message. During my 3-year training in "Dream work according to Ortrud Grön" (TAOG), I was able to learn so much about dreams from Germany's most famous dream researcher, Ortrud Grön (1925 - 2020). Above all, I am grateful that the door was opened to the world of imagery and symbolism that I no longer want to be without.

They are an active part of my support for other people. Sometimes this is barely noticeable in the way I ask certain questions. Sometimes, however, we get very deep into the dreams with the help of the intention method and then often solve prenatal injuries and also multi-generational trauma. Especially recurring dreams, nightmares and physical reactions during sleep (such as grinding teeth, talking, screaming, hitting, kicking, sleepwalking, etc.) want to point out a deep need in us.

With each work I become more aware of how our I speaks to us at night and what self-healing powers lie dormant in each of us. Our dreams are our lifelong company. They are life's longing for itself.

My YouTube channel

Especially during the rough nights - from December 21st to January 6th - our dreams are of a very special quality. It is worth writing down all dreams during this period. Why? Check out my video.

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