Of recurring dreams, anxiety dreams, nightmares
& more


When we sleep at night, our inner self forces itself back into our consciousness.
Our desires and hopes, fears and blockages that we don't have during the day
can process or want to push aside, overlook, neglect and control,
knock on our door in the night. In a parable language that we have unfortunately forgotten.
As in a movie, we then see the faces of familiar people and travel to unfamiliar places
and create the most incredible beasts. Every dream carries an important message for us.

Just recurring dreams, nightmares and bodily reactions while sleeping
(such as grinding teeth, talking, yelling, thrashing, kicking, sleepwalking, etc.)
want to point out inner blockades and conflicts.

Would you like to embark on a journey to the center of yourself?
Be inspired by Ortrud Grön (1925 - 2020), Germany's most famous dream researcher.
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"Of the Healing Power of Dreams" 
- the small dream compendium for beginners -
is in German since the beginning of December 2021
available as paperback and e-book.
ISBN: 978-3-7543-7466-5
You can also buy it from me at the practice for a special price of 10 euros.

English translation will be available in Aug/Sept 2022.

Maybe you know someone who dreams often or recently (maybe for years)
want to know more about your own dreams? Then this is a very special gift.
Here you can pick up the voucher directly: German & English
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