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IoPT & The Intention Method – The Most Amazing Path for Deep Self-Encounters

In my practice I work with the "intention method", a wonderful way of revealing memories from the past as well as hidden or unknown information.

The method started with the Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger but has seen an immense evolution through Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert who was a former Hellinger student. Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert developed the Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) where – at its heart – is the Intention Method.

This method has the power to dive deep into the subconscious and reaches physical, psychological and emotional levels which are sometimes unbelievable. It enables a person to look behind the obvious, behind masks and facades. It can be applied to ALL areas of life, to all questions we have. The key goal of this method though is to encounter oneself deeply and thus heal profoundly and fundamentally.

I developed this method further - adding my personal experiences and my insights from the "Dream Work according to Ortrud Grön" – to a method that supports the holistic I-development of a person. While human life begins with procreation, I do have the ability to go even beyond this level.

How to formulate the intention?

At the beginning of a self-encounter there is always the question: How do I formulate my intention?

As simple as the question sounds, as important and as tricky it is.

A few years ago I noticed that the starting point - the formulation of the intention - has an incredible effect on my later self-encounter: The stronger I felt my intention, the deeper and clearer the results were, the stronger and more lasting the changes within me. I then set out to observe other people during their work and continued to analyze my own. Through continuous trial and error over many years, I came to the following insights:

If I want to meet myself, i.e. to see behind the facades of quarrels, fears, ambivalences, decision-making problems, relationship issues, illnesses and so much more, if I want to understand myself better and get closer to my true inner wishes, needs and inner truths, then I need three important elements:

  1. Know your goal and what you want

  2. Be creative when it comes to formulating the intention

  3. Choose based on your gut feeling

Know your goal and what you want

There are as many topics and concerns as people themselves:

  • Inexplicable blockades

  • General relationship problems (with people, animals, nature)

  • Difficulties in partnership or marriage

  • Problems with children

  • Problems with parents

  • Inheritance disputes

  • Disputes regarding company succession

  • Diseases – acute and chronic diseases

  • Decision problems

  • Work related issues

  • Problems with money

  • Constantly circling thoughts

  • Not being able to feel

  • Deep-seated fears

  • Overreactions

  • Psychoses, depression, self-harm

  • Drivelessness

  • Recurring dreams or nightmares

  • Physical reactions during sleep

  • and many more

How to formulate your intention

This video explains the individual steps you can take in order to tap into the deeper wisdom within you and thus find your intention.

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