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in change processes
on a holistic level with the
goal of deep I-development


There are crisis situations in everyone's life. In relationships and partnerships, in the family and with the children. At school, in further education and at work. Or an accident happens, divorce, dismissal or unemployment. We are surprised by an unexpected diagnosis. Experiencing death, violence, loss or a natural disaster. We may even have to suffer flight, expulsion and war.


Many experiences leave behind physical and psychological injuries. We lose touch with ourselves, our body, our feelings and desires. We look outside. Wish us titles, power and fame. We are looking for love, we are driven, restless, anxious, dependent. We build walls around ourselves and go around in circles. Never really hitting the spot, feeling vulnerable, not belonging, and overly sensitive. We can't sleep at night and have confused dreams. Body and psyche rebel.

“The pain prevents the illusion from getting away with its tricks.
When unreality didn't hurt, we thought it was real for all eternity.” Deepak Chopra

There is an answer to every question, every wish, every longing - within us.
Who am I? What I want? What is my body trying to tell me? What is blocking me?

It is the path of one's own potential development, of deep I-development.

It is the path to yourself. I am who I am.


The main basis of my work is cause-orientated work with the aim of connecting body, mind and soul.
Theory and methods: Intention Method, Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT), Dreamwork according to Ortrud Grön (TAOG) and Quantum Healing.


In Fürstenfeldruck (near Munich) & Prien am Chiemsee (near Salzburg).

On-site and online. Individual & groups sessions.

Seminars & lectures. In German and English.


Background Information: Books & YouTube channel

Requests:  e-mail or phone

Payment: self-payment only


As of April, I will be starting an open group for self-encounters & dreams in German. English on request only.
Power place journeys in 2024: I am offering two trips to the Fraueninsel, Chiemsee.
In 2025, we will go on a 4-day trip to the Cathedral of Chartres, France.

Open group "Children & IoPT"

Feb 23 & Mar 22
"IoPT & Children"

Open group @ 5 pm - 8.30 pm

These are the last 2 dates with 3 different topics before I finalise the research for my book project:

  • Zoom Link

  • Feb 23: Day care - GDR & Today

  • March 22: Dreams

Price: Free

Open group "Children & IoPT"

Open Evening Group
May 03 - German

5.30 pm - 8.30 pm

On Friday, we will meet via Zoom in a small group to open the room for our inner truths.

  • Free seats for a self-encounter: 1

  • Participants are welcome (free)

Price: 0 & 90 Euro

Offene Abendgruppe "Kinder & IoPT"

Feb 9 & Mär 08
"IoPT & Kinder"

Offene Gruppe @ 17.30 - ca. 20.30 Uhr

Dies sind die letzten 2 Termine bevor ich die Recherche für mein Buchprojekt abschließe.

  • Zoom Link

  • Feb 09: Eigene Arbeit & Magersucht

  • Mar 08: Beschneidung & Depression

Preis: kostenlos


March 16 - Group
Prien am Chiemsee

Be the change that you want to see

Am Sonntag treffen wir uns wieder von 09.15 - 17.30 Uhr im Kulturraum in Prien am Chiemsee, um den Wünschen, Veränderungen & Träumen in uns Raum zu geben.

Preis: 10 & 100 Euro

Open group "Children & IoPT"

Open Evening Group
April 05 - German

5.30 pm - 8.30 pm

On Friday, we will meet via Zoom in a small group to open the room for our inner truths.

  • No more seats for a self-encounter.

  • Participants are welcome (for free)

Preis: 0 & 90 Euro

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