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Support in change processes
on a holistic level
the goal of deep I-development


There are crisis situations in everyone's life that throw them off course.

Sometimes things happen on the outside: school, studies, relationships, termination, separation, divorce, accidents, attacks, natural disasters, flight and expulsion, death, war. We suffer physical, psychological injuries. We lose touch with ourselves and our feelings. We get traumatized. Even seemingly miraculous events
can open up old wounds in us.But sometimes we can't find any explanations: we are driven inwardly, restless, depressed,anxious, passive, uncontrolled. We're running, but we don't know where to go. We fight and knowactually not against whom or what. Or we are passive, always move within a small radius, hardly have any friends. We are plagued by a variety of physical symptoms. We become ill, chronically ill or terminally ill. We can't sleep at night, can we?we have nightmares. We feel alone, unprotected, searching and yet never feeling arrived; in relationships, in encounters, at work, in a place, in a country.

"But we have the opportunity to meet ourselves again - and thus have an answer to all questions
to find. In U.S.
When we find the strength within ourselves and the courage to want to feel truths."
With every step we take towards ourselves, we want to feel deeper and therefore better
learn to understand
helps us in an inner clearing process. We separate from identifications,
make illusions and
Beliefs become visible and can thus become calmer and clearer on the inside. The way to yourself is this
deepest and most difficult step - but it is the most rewarding. It is the way to find home in yourself again
and the answer to the question: who am I & what do I want?

main basis of my work

Is the Intention Method and the Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT) for the psyche,
the mind and the body. It is framed by the
Dreamwork according to Ortrud Grön (TAOG) and Quantum Healing for the body.


I offer my sessions on-site in Fürstenfeldruck (near Munich) and Prien am Chiemsee,
as well as online. In German and English. In individual and group sessions.

There are also 3-4 seminars a year with dear colleagues.
There is an open group (only in English) for those interested in IoPT.
More on this below "Dates". Inquiries please by e-mail or Phone.


Background information

On my Youtube channel
 Books on "Trauma and Healing" and "The Healing Power of Dreams".

Cost (self-payement)

Please refer to "Dates".



Anyone who wants to support my book project "Children & IoPT" (only in English) is very welcome.

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Dec 30, 2022
Children & IoPT

Open group @ 5pm CET

The route cause for many issues we are dealing with as adults can be found in our childhood.flyers other Zoom link.

  • Participation: free

  • Self-encounter: 40 euros donation (please register in advance)


0 & 40 euros

Fraueninsel_Seminar_Jan2018 (6).JPG

Feb 04
Meaning of Dreams

Questions and Answers @ 2 - 4 pm CET

Zoom link

Together with my colleague, Juliana Gimenes de Freitas from Brazil, we will offer an open group in English & Portuguese for everyone who would like to ask questions about their dreams.


40 Euros

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Jan 22, 2022
Prien am Chiemsee

Be the change you desire

On Sunday we will meet again as a group from 9.15 am to around 5.30 pm to give space to the changes, wishes and dreams within us. Flyer

  • Own work: 4 free places

  • Participants: free places


10 & 100 euros

Buch Kinder - FB.jpg

February 19
Children & IoPT

Open group @ 5.00 - 8.30 pm CET

The route cause for many issues we are dealing with as adults can be found in our childhood. Flyer and Zoom link.

  • Free participation

  • Fixed seat: 40 euros donation (please register in advance)


0 & 40 euros

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