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1st European EAS Congress (European Association for Holistic Spacial-Culture)

On November 22 - 25, 2018, the European Association for Holistic Spacial-Culture e.V. (EAS) has met for it's first congress in France, close to Strasbourg, at Mont Saint-Odile, an ancient sacred female monastery site.

I had the honor to be 1 of the 2 translators (English - German) which supported the EAS team. Click here to go to their web-site (currently in German only) and download the brochure in English.

"The EAS brings consciousness and acceptance into the society and represent occupational groups, which are concerned with earth, human and space. The handling of humans with landscape, nature and space changes. The modern society has developed unilaterally. Soul and vitality are ignored; Health, well-being and quality of life are displaced ever more to the goods in short supply, old building traditions."

Keynote & vision lecture presenters: Silke Alscher (Germany), Harald Jordan (Germany), Marko Pogacnik (Slowenia), Paul Devereux (UK), Hans-Jörg Müller (Germany) und Johanna Markl (Germany).

Which type of initiatives and federations are part of the EAS?

  • Holistic space teachings (Geoculture, Geomancy, earth healing, etc.)

  • Cross-cultural harmony teachings (Feng Shui, Kan Yu, Vaastu, etc.)

  • Holistic space optimization (space energetics, space psychology, etc.)

  • Integrals architecture (like art, harmonics, design)

  • Health and living space quality (like radiesthesia, geobiology, interior analytics)

  • Initiate process work (like ritual company, nature coaching, vision quest)

  • and European initiatives like GeoTask, EarthCare, GeoTeam, MetaTest and GeoAward.

EAS Congress 2018


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