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What issue is close to your heart? Where do you want clarity and certainty, to find out the causes? Where are you entangled? Where are you unconsciously carrying the suffering or guilt of previous generations? Were you meant to be? The way you are? Did you grow up in a protected and sheltered environment?


Only the truth heals...

Every pain, every symptom, every repetitive pattern, every dream is a message. A request to listen to you, to be with you and to be aware of yourself. I will be happy to accompany you if you really want to get to the bottom of the causes and work to uncover them. If you are not afraid of your own truths and feelings. If you have the courage to allow entanglements and entanglements to become visible and can question your own illusions and beliefs. If you are curious and not afraid of change. If you don't want to be a victim, but want to shape your own life. If you are aware that only you can activate your self-healing powers and that healing takes time.

I am happy to accompany you with my wealth of experience and my gift of being able to feel very deeply. Through my decades of continuous work on myself, I can now see inner images that transcend barriers of time and space.

All questions of life
Decision-making difficulties
Friendships & relationships
Family, children & generational topics
Trauma (individual & transgenerational)
Physical issues & symptoms
Desire to have children, pregnancy & birth

Career, work & institutions

Money, inheritance & finances
Dreams & sleep problems
Psychological issues*

* Restriction for ICD-10 / DSM V diagnosis: Only in combination with a psychotherapist


At the heart of my work is the "Intention Method" - a method that has developed from the Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT) according to Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert. The method appears to be similar to family constellations in its resonance, but the underlying theory and approach could not be more different. Any question can be asked. No matter how deep, no matter how unusual. You can find out how to formulate your request here: Video in German and  English.


For physical complaints or sudden pain, I work with Quantum Healing. This is a technique in which there is no direct physical contact, but I move my hands about 15 - 30 centimeters away from the body in a flowing motion. A session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and 1 - 2 sessions are usually required for one issue.


At night, our deepest desires and needs are revealed unfiltered. We not only process the impressions of the day in our sleep and in our dreams, but also receive important messages. Every dream, every physical reaction during sleep is a gift, a letter that needs to be opened. If you would like to learn to understand your dreams better, I recommend my small compendium "Von der Heilkraft der Träume", which was also published in English in 2023.


Becoming a parent is (often) not difficult; being a parent, on the other hand, is very difficult. The conception and birth of a child often brings up old issues that parents, grandparents and siblings have buried or thought they had overcome. That is why it is a great opportunity to take your own life, your life together as a couple and as a family to a new level - if you face up to the tasks. children reflect the unresolved issues of adults and generational traumas. The focus of my work is therefore not on the children, but on accompanying the parents and relatives. When entanglements are released, old wounds become visible and heal, then children can walk freely through life again.


In my work you can also find elements from other areas such as Talk Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Logo Therapy, systemic work and also areas from the world of work and profession.


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